Career Goals

My internship with Outreachy ends in about a month and it feels like this is the right time to start thinking about, and planning my career beyond Outreachy what my goals are and how intend to achieve them.. Interning with the mUzima team has been a great learning, doing and fulfilling experience.

The internship has really impacted in me the skills I believe will help me to further achieve my career goals as a software engineer. I have improved my capabilities at problem solving and continuous learning and resoluteness. My goal is to build software that matter and to become a world class software engineer this year – 2020, and the internship has placed me on the right course, I am excited and I look forward to achieving this.

I am currently looking for and open to on-site and remote job opportunities. Interning at Outreachy I have developed ability to take initiative, communication skills, collaboration, self-motivation and learning to use new software development tools and technologies, these are all invaluable in my journey to becoming world class.

I am a fullstack software engineer, with varying levels of knowledge in the following programming languages and framework : Java, C#, Javascript, Html, CSS and Angular.  I have interests in Information security and IT consulting.

Java is the programming language I am currently using on my outreachy internship project and I am applying my Html, JS and jquery knowledge. My mentors and I have hold daily scrum meetings and weekly calls,  and we do version control with Git . I will be writing Google Mobile Web Specialist and Cloud Certification exams by March, after the internship.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Information Systems and Tech., my love for technology doesn’t stop at Software, I enjoy discussing and planning  for information security and I look forward to practicing IT consulting part-time.

I am available to start employment from the 4th of March 2020 and I am open to remote and on-site opportunities. My markdown resume is available here on Github.

I believe there is so much for me to achieve and outreachy is a great place to start. I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me, and to my mentors, friends and family for supporting me.

Thanks for reading, see you some other time 😃😃😃.


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