Modifying my internship goals and expectations.

This is a late late post and I’ve been so focused on getting my code to work that I sometimes forget to update my blog.

I am currently working on updating mUzima core (OpenMRS) module to include the autogeneration of mUzima forms from HtmlForm entry module forms. If you’re interested in reading more about my project goals kindly read this blog post where I explained what my project is all about.

Interestingly my project goal changed after getting selected for the Outreachy internship, the project I applied for was to develop a Drag and Drop Html Form Builder, and luckily two interns (Sarah and I) were chosen to intern with mUzima community, I am working on the backend code that does the autogeneration of mUzima forms and Sarah is working on the frontend as well as the Drag and Drop Html Form Builder.

We had to work on redefining the project plan and doing that with Sarah was awesome. I started my programming journey with Java in 2014 but I later left it for C#, since I needed to write Java code I spent some time refreshing my Java knowledge and when I started writing in Java it started coming back (and a huge thanks to the internet πŸ˜‰).

I also had to adequately understand how the HtmlFormEntry module handled the generation of form fields. I was very excited when things started clicking and I expected things to go fast, however I spent weeks implementing the code for converting the most important htmlform tag, the <obs> tag. I was stuck debugging and someone taught me essential steps in debugging and helped me figure it out by walking through the code with me. Thank you.

I was afraid I will not be able to meet the project goal, but now I feel more positive about meeting the project goal. I have learnt that I need to improve my debugging skills and also learnt that I am not yet perfect at estimating the time it’ll take to implement tasks, I look forward at getting better at this with experience, and some work on my estimation skills.

Thanks for reading, see you some other time πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.


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