Getting Stuck!

In this blog post I will be telling you about times I got stuck either trying to understand how something works or trying to make something work. A bad habit I have is spending long duration trying to figure it out on my own when I could have just asked my mentor, often times when I finally ask, the problem gets more clear as I am trying to explain to my mentor and with my mentor’s guidance it gets easier to solve.

 – What were you stuck on? I was stuck trying to generate UML class diagrams from a repository of a project built with Maven (I had not used maven before), I did not know the right way to go about the project was to install maven and run some Maven commands so that the project files will be in the normal structure. I spent long hours on this (I still spend hours on simple bugs, but I believe that is part of the learning process).

StackOverflow was helpful but was somewhat confusing, I would not have had much problems if I carefully read the instructions on the Wiki (now I carefully read the Wiki) or asked my mentors who would have told me the right way to go about it.

 My mantra now is: when you’re stuck, search online and if you can’t find the solution in few hours, ask your mentor(s), they know you need help that’s why they’re your mentors.


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