Open Source Festival Experience

As part of my internship journey at Outreachy, I attended the Open Source Festival 2020 + Sustain Africa summit in Lagos, Nigeria. Outreachy interns have access to a $500 travel stipend to spend on attending conference(s) with a strong Open Source message. Open Source Community Africa organises The Open Source Festival, which is an annual […]

Career Goals

My internship with Outreachy ends in about a month and it feels like this is the right time to start thinking about, and planning my career beyond Outreachy what my goals are and how intend to achieve them.. Interning with the mUzima team has been a great learning, doing and fulfilling experience. The internship has […]

Let’s talk about what mUzima is about!

“Saving  lives” that’s mUzima’s mission as a software product. OpenMRS (Open Medical Record System) is a web based open source software project founded to enable the delivery of health care in developing countries, the system is designed to be usable by health care providers with poor computing resources and/or little IT skills. OpenMRS works with […]

Getting Stuck!

In this blog post I will be telling you about times I got stuck either trying to understand how something works or trying to make something work. A bad habit I have is spending long duration trying to figure it out on my own when I could have just asked my mentor, often times when […]